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Monday, August 31, 2009

ACADEMY training

This season we will have ACADEMY training sessions with the Blast. The first of theses sessions is this Friday!!! These trainers run the competitive organization and all have very high levels of coaching education. In these sessions the boys will be pushed. Touch and strength will improve. It's also good for them to be coached by someone else once and a while.

ATENDANCE IS REQUIRED for these sessions. Call me directly if there is a potential conflict.

4-Sep FRIDAY 6:30-7:30

30-Sep WEDNESDAY 6:30-7:30
Dribbling/Ball Mastery/Ball Control

2-Oct FRIDAY 5:30-6:30
Passing and Receiving (keep it moving)

16-Oct FRIDAY 6:30-7:30

Thursday, August 13, 2009

***UPDATE*** - finished with 1 win and 3 losses. Finished group play in 3rd, though I think we could have finished 2nd. Then went on to lose in the last minutes of our 5th/6th place game after leading for most of the game. Need to work on closng those out.

Scored 6 goals, scored against 14 goals.
vs St Vrain - L 1-6
vs Westminster - L 0-2
vs Real W 3-2
vs Ice (Golden) L 2-4

Played some very difficult A teams and stayed close to most of our competition. Given that this was our first time on the larger field with a larger team, I was satisfied. Looking forward to the regular season and seeing improvement as we adjust to the game.

The Shootout begins today!!! We have home field advantage as the club hosts of the tournament. Let's have a great tournament.

Schedule -

Fields -

Standings -


1. Be at the field 20 minutes prior to the game. Earlier if you wish.
2. Wear Red, bring white just in case.
3. Try to avoid allowing your kids to cook in the sun all day. We need them to have maximum energy tonight.
4. Proper healthy lunch and early dinner (or snack) before gametime. no stuffed bellies at kick-off.
5. Drink a lot of water today and avoid soda!
6. Be careful about psyching the kids out today about the game. They will all play well if they are relaxed (not stressed)

7. Party at the Fatovics between games Saturday!!!!!

Monday, May 4, 2009

U8 FIRE - Matchday 7

Captains - Ryan, Cole, Jaden
MVP - Peyton (precision passing) Logan (attacking defender)
Scoring summary - GOAL (ASSIST)
Peyton (Unassisted)
Cobe (Peyton)
Blake (unassisted)
Blake (Landen)
Cobe (Peyton)
Another great performance from the FIRE over the weekend. Hopefully we can stay in this form of aggressiveness and attacking soccer. The boys were really finding each other well. The defense was excellent and feeding the ball forward. And our strikers were shooting well. I think we could have scored 10-12 goals but we were unlucky many times in front of the net. It will come.

My favortie parts of this game both came in the second half. First, there was a collision in our penalty box. A player from the other team went down hurt and Cole came running out from the goal to check to make sure he was all right. This showed great sportsmanship that I think everyone watching the game noticed. Second, another collision happened between Jaden and an opponent. Of course Jaden was the one kid standing (he always is. no one wants to collide with Jaden. He's so tough) Jaden didn't run away, he went straight up to the player, touched him on the head, ruffling his hair and asked him if he was OK.

My heart just melted watching both of these interactions. Not only are we teaching skill, aggressiveness and confidence, but we certainly are trying to have a hand in helping these boys mature. Twice in one game we saw sportsmanship that you don't see in a lot of kids on a field of battle. Jaden and Cole both set a very good example for the team and the club Saturday. Well done boys!!!
Coach Jeb

U8 FIRE - Matchday #3

Captains - Blake, Aiden, Cobe
MVP - Jaden (overall play) Ryan (sweeping)
Scoring summary - GOAL (ASSIST)
Bryson (unassisted)
Cobe (Jaden)
Jaden (unassisted)
Cobe (Peyton)
Blake (unassisted)
Friday we finally broke through and made the goals come. After scoring only 1 goal in the first half I was worried that we were going to play too timidly for the game. The boys didn't disappoint though. They rose up in the second half and started to play like they do in practice. It was an excellent finish to the game. Bryson earned the first goal of the game and his first for the season. Way to go Bryson.

The passing continues to be impressive but aggressiveness to get in and win the ball is still the most important part of the game right now. Win the ball then make it do what you want it to do. Pass, shoot, dribble, whatever. We need these boys to be agressive and win the ball. Boys like Aiden, Jaden and Ryan did this very well for us in this game. Everyone needs to keep up the good work.
Coach Jeb
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